PP Transparent

PP Transparent Label, Among the label types, one of the label types that is most resistant to external factors such as heat, light, water and humidity is the transparent label type. The fact that it is rigid, tearproof, transparent and durable greatly expands the field of use and preference.

PP Transparent Label Properties, Long-term durability is the most important factor among the transparent label properties. Being resistant to external factors and not being torn by someone ensures long-term use. Although it is an adhesive label type, its adhesiveness is extremely strong.

PP Transparent The field of use is extremely wide, to the question of where it is used and preferred; It is possible to give a wide range of answers in the form of food sector, chemical sector, textile sector, cosmetics sector, industry sector.

Factors such as being to have an aesthetic appearance, being resistant to many negative external factors and having an extremely strong adhesive feature also expand the usage area of ​​the transparent label type. Recently, it finds more place among label types and it will be preferred more and more.

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