Direct (Eco) Thermal

Eco Thermal Labels are the most cost-effective type of barcode label and are ideal for short-term use. Typically, these labels have a lifespan of 3-5 months and do not require the use of ribbon. Eco Thermal Labels lack a protective surface, making them susceptible to wear and tear from friction, and they are easily torn due to their paper structure. These labels are created by thermally laminating paper and printing barcode information through the direct thermal method, whereby heat is applied to the printer head to create thermal liquefaction.

While Eco Thermal Labels offer a low-cost printing option, they lack resistance to external factors such as moisture, heat, light, and alcohol. For this reason, they are best consumed quickly. They are a popular choice for companies that need to print labels at a low cost, such as dry food, cargo companies, textile companies, logistics companies, hospitals, and other industries with fast consumption.

Printing is done thermally in Eco Thermal Labels, so ribbon is not required. This results in a lower printing cost compared to other label types. If your label usage requires less than 6 months and your printer is suitable for thermal printing, Eco Thermal Labels are a cost-effective option.

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